Love Letter


To Chieko


We tried to overcome this together but…

It ended without us being together.


While we waited for hope, in the one corner of my heart,

I was afraid that I would lose everything.

I left those fun days in my heart at Ikebukuro station, but…the situation changed suddenly.

So now,

I am off to sortie on a sunny day.

There are a lot of things that I want to write you,

One of them is that I don’t know the words to show how much I appreciate the kindness you have given me.

The typical word for appreciation migh not be enough,

But,… thank you verymuch from the bottom of my heart.


I do not want to bring our long association to an end by teasing of the past,

The problem are… from here on out.

As the man that you are engaged to… there is something that a guy who is going out of bloom wants to tell a girl like you,

Nothing more that I could wish for, other than your happiness.


So do not let our past resolution worry you…

You do not live in the past,

Gather your courage, and forget the past, and find a new life in the future.


From now on, you…

Live in the reality of the moment


Because Anazawa…

No longer exists in this world.

The Cherry blossoms are already falling here,

My beloved leaves will probably fall because of the coming season.

I’ve been thinking of what I should say now, but…

I want to try and say something selfish for a bit,


I want to see you…

I want to talk to you… honestly…

love letter manga


(This is the real story of a Japanese women Chieko Mochida, who lived during world war 2. Last testament from Lieutenant Toshio Anazawa, a pilot of Japan air force. Taken form Seo Kouji’s manga with the same title, Love Letter). You can read it here:

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